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PostSubject: CENSORSHIP.   Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:00 pm

All members need to be aware that here, on OZONE, we do not tolerate racial or anti-LGBT slurs. Ever.
It is highly, highly, HIGHLY,

That being said, I am fine with throwing around cusses, as I am not someone who is ever going to limit freedom of speech. Drop the f-bomb, go ahead. I dont mind, and if other members have a problem with it, so be it. Im sorry its going to be like that.
However, if it really upsets someone, limit your use of it. In general, I would expect everyone on here to be mature enough to rationalize their use of all cusses. I do not want them thrown around willy-nilly, and if I see this happening, you will be warned. Kicked from the site for a while. And eventually, if it continues, you will be banned. No questions asked.

For admins, I have made it pretty clear when someone is using a word that is not allowed on here ^^"
Do what you feel is necessary, and if you're not sure consult me. However, take imediate action.
Nobody on OZONE should ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable because of the use of someone elses language. If this occurs, contact me.
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