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 Rules for OZONE.

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PostSubject: Rules for OZONE.   Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:44 am

OZONE is, first and foremost, a safe place. We do not discriminate for any reasons, whether it be a handicap, a preference, an appearance or idea or opinion. Regardless of all these reasons and more, I expect everyone to know that we are a loving pack and we will not have members spoil this ideal.

Wolves created need to be semi-realistic. This means that your wolf can have strange markings to an extent, strange colors that you don't usually find, and strange eye colors, but this also means that extra limbs, mutations, growths, or rainbow markings are not allowed. Beyond this, your wolf will not be able to have "needle-like claws," "Razor sharp teeth," or anything else that would give an unrealistic, and unfair advantage.

I am fine with all breeds of wolves, so long as they are actually real, and an actual wolf. Half breeds, such as a wolf/husky mix, are accepted. On the other hand, Dire wolves and such are not, and a pure-bred dog is also, not allowed. Your character must have wolf in them.

OZONE takes place in a land far from humans, and encounters with humans will NOT occur unless otherwise said by an alpha. This may happen for a plot idea, or an rp event, but otherwise dont expect it to.

Do not post in the roleplay until your biography has been accepted.

We're pretty laid back at OZONE, and we like to have fun here. So, dont be alarmed by our intense rants in the chatbox, or Screenplays where everyone dies.
Its not meant to cause any harm; Only uplift spirits.
That being said, if you feel that a member is taking it too far, or that it makes you uncomfortable, feel free to ask them stop. And if that thought upsets you, feel free to privately contact someone in charge, me primarily.

Considering this is a roleplaying site, and most of everything we do around here revolves around the written word, I encourage all members to use proper, and grammatically correct sentences. While I encourage this, I also expect everyone to have enough common sense to refrain from using phrases such as 'lol' or 'rotfl' in your posts. If you've gotten this far in the rules, be sure to add the phrase "nipples are cuter than dimples" in your biography, anywhere towards the end. Then continue reading the rest of the rules, as expected so that you are a Grade-A member of OZONE.

Clearly, as with most roleplaying sites, god modding is not allowed. For those that unfamiliar with the term, God Modding is allowing your character to do almost anything. For example, not being able to die no matter what others are doing. Be realistic; If a wolf lunges for you, theres a large chance that it'll draw blood, and you need to accept that.
Along with God Modding, Power Play is not allowed on OZONE. Power playing is when you make another members character seem to be something that they're not; Such as claiming that the charrie is weak and in need of help, and your charrie is just oh so powerful and clearly more superior.
Powerplaying is not allowed, and consequences for it will be severe.

Mary Sues and Gary Stus are not only illegal on OZONE, but they're highly annoying. Marys&Garys are wolves that are, for lack of a better word, perfect. Whether it be your wolf is so much more attractive, or so much more powerful, or smarter, whatever it is, It is annoying and irritates everyone. Your wolf needs to have flaws, just like humans. Mary Sues and Gary Stus will not be accepted until they are altered accordingly.

Please use your manners on OZONE. Its very important to me, as everyone else, that members are kind to one another. A simple thank you can go a long way, and brighten someones mood. So please, appreciate other members and appreciate them for what they do.
Thank you.<3
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Rules for OZONE.
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